Friday, August 19, 2011

CT 209 Shopping and Inspiration (8/16/11)

Today I went shopping almost all day with my mom. One of my favorite purchases was these awesome oxford flats. They are two tone, like I wanted, they are a tannish color, like I wanted and they are MY SIZE, like I wanted.
I'm so exited to wear these!
The creative thing of the day are these inspiration pages I made. This summer I have been flipping through magazines by the poolside, or with the light of the sun on my hair, or upstairs in my room with the blinds shut...that last one sounded less appealing. Anyway, you know, it's summer and I read magazines in the summer. And I would get inspired by outfits in Teen Vogue or Seventeen and I would rip them out and stick them in my journal. Today I made them into a collage- an unfinished one, yes, but I'm sure it will soon be finished.

Anyway- hope you are having a magazine and inspiration filled summer. <3
xo Maya

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