Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CT 196 Animals and Pretty Flowers (8/2/11)

Today my friends and I went to the Tacoma Zoo. The Tacoma Zoo is awesome for residents of Vashon because it is right by the ferry so you can take the ferry by yourself and easily walk up to the Zoo.
On the walk up they have a beautiful garden, which I couldn't help but take photos of.

There were some adorable wild deer babies right outside of the zoo eating some grass <3

Why yes, I did braid Natalie's hair! (It took me a few tries-I'm a terrible braider) I attempted the waterfall braid from this tutorial on craftgawker. I can't braid well, but this looked so cool I had to try it!
And my outfit of the day :) 
It also included the long drape-y thing featured in the FTBH post, but it was not pictured.  

Hat:Crossroads/Top:Hand-me-down/Belt:Granny's Attic/Skirt:Crossroads/Gladiator Sandals:Crossroads/Drape-y thing: Thrift Town (SAY HALLELUJAH TO A COMPLETELY THRIFTED OUTFIT!!)

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