Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CT 198 Collections of Memories (8/4/11)

I've been inspired lately by the collection a day blog. This woman is a bit of a pack-rat and decided to take a photo of every collection she owned by taking a photo a day of her collections. Being in this house inspired me to take a photo of something that I love: spoons. When I lived in this house my mom would take me and my brothers to Granny's Attic, a thrift store on the island, and let us pick out a spoon or fork each. It sounds mean, like instead of toys we got spoons, but I LOVED it. I believe I picked out the flowery spoon second to the left. So just eating breakfast brings back memories.
The second collection is wish rocks. Again, wish rocks remind me of this house. When I was little we walked to the beach (it was more of a rock beach than a sand beach) and I would always pick rocks to bring home until the weight of the rocks in my pockets was pulling my pants down. I love the variety of wish rocks, the fat stripes, thin stripes, white stripes, black stripes etc. Every wish rock is different, which, I think, is the main reason that I like them.

Here is a photo of the house at night. (Yes, another one)

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