Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CT 201 Clouds Like the Foam on a Mocha (8/7/11)

Today we arrived in Manzanita, Oregon. Although we arrived in the evening, as soon as we got here we changed and went down to the beach. It's extremely windy on the beach, but it's so fun to be in the sand. It was the kind of sand that squeaks under your feet while you walk. That sound always makes me think of Oregon, that being the place that seems to have the most of it. 

These last two photos were taken with an iPhone app called "Instagram" Which allows you to take a photo and apply filters to it. They have the best filters as well, not like the three filters they give you in photoshop- antique, sepia and black and white. It has things like "earlybird" (photo 2) and "Sutro" (photo 1). These filters are so interesting and amazing! I just love them.
Photo 1

Photo 2

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