Thursday, August 18, 2011

CT 206 "Round she goes/where she stops nobody knows" (8/12/11)

Today (well, actually, late last night) I arrived in Tahoe with my friend and her mom (no I have not gone home yet). We rode our bikes all the way up to this beautiful field of wildflowers and gorgeous Aspen trees. This year has apparently been great for wildflowers as you can hopefully see in my photos.
After that long bike ride we rode home, got on our swimsuits and coverups and rode back out to about halfway where we had just rode to and went swimming. Then rode back and had dinner on the beach with a gorgeous sunset illuminating our hamburgers with gold and red hues.
Madeline and I had a photo-shoot in the aspens and wildflowers which I will share with you as soon as I get the photos.

The view from her porch (that's Mt. Tallac)

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