Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CT 193 In Which I'm Headed to a Rock Concert (7/30/11)

My cousin went to a rock camp called "Girls Rock" this summer and two summers before this. In the camp you sign up for guitar, bass, vocals or drums and they teach you how to play the instrument and write a song in one week and every year they put on a show where they all play the songs they wrote in that week. I've never been able to go because of complications of many things, but this year I finally could since I took the train up. I didn't have anything edgy to wear besides my angry Tweety tee, so I threw on some killer eyeliner and booty shorts and folded my boots half down and tied a big bow in my hair and I was ready to go.  I wish I'd brought some black shorts and my  high-high top converse, but I did the best with the limited supplies I had and I think the angry Tweety shirt made the look.
The show was great and it was really fun to see my 12 year old cousin already rocking out on the stage with her guitar. :)

Her concert was in Seattle so we had to take a ferry (where I took photos) and walk to the place (where I took photos) and get a drink before the concert (where I took photos), watch the concert (where I took photos), eat some fish and chips afterwards (where I took photos), go back to the car (where I took photos) and get back on the ferry (where i took photos).

Both my aunts were wearing awesome jewelry and another random girl was wearing awesome earrings that I took a photo of.

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