Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CT 195 Inspiration on Vashon (8/1/11)

Vashon, if you didn't know, is an Island in the Puget Sound in Washington, where my grandparents own a house and where I lived for three non-consecutive years of my life. I have a very artistic family so the house is filled with amazing pieces of artwork along with lots of cute trinkets.
A letter my uncle wrote to his brother, he was an amazing artist

Another letter from that same uncle

Wood sculpture

Collage done by my mom from a photo taken by my dad

Collage done by my mom of the house

another letter written and drawn by the same letter-writing uncle

Photo of my family- my dad, mom, two brothers and me in overalls :)

A photo of my dads family: two parents, and 6 children

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