Monday, January 31, 2011

CT 28 Lots of Photos (1/29/11)

Before we begin, You will notice a new page up  there (^) You can see some cute drawings I did when I was little! Check it out!
On the 29th we went for a walk and there were so many beautiful things to take photos of!

The stop sign with the cherry blossoms look so pretty.
 I love these stacks of rocks. Beautiful .
 These are some interesting plants against the foggy/white sky.
 I love this bright green against the black tree.
 I love the telephone pole and the reddish leaves against the foggy sky.
 I love these magnolia plants in front of the shingled house.
I love these spiderwebs and the binder clip.
 These red and brown leaves look so pretty with the water in the trench made by a tire.
 Another pretty leaf and water picture.
 I thought this fire hydrant was pretty with the red edge of the sidewalk.
 I love these orange crossing thing. The cracks look so interesting.
 Beautiful green and red tinged cactus' and some pretty clovers.
 I love this rusty truck.
 A more close up photo.
 I rusty fir hydrant.

 I love the sidewalk and this little brown leaf. You can sort of see a footprint.
 I love this house with the ladder up the side.
 These salmon colored roses look so pretty against the clover.
 I love all these colors!

Pretty clovers.

Anyway, I can't catch all the way up because I gotta go, but I'll try to finish up sometime this week!

<3 Maya

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