Friday, January 21, 2011

CT 14 Pictures (1/15/11)

Okay, I had my birthday party, but I didn't want to put the pictures of the people that I took (which I wish I could have) so here are some of the few photos that I took that were not of people.

These caution things looked so pretty in this almost sun down lighting. Especially with the orange and the green clashing awesomely.

These were these cute  paper cut out things in Ici. I thought they looked pretty in the hallway going back to where they make the cones (it's an ice cream place) (REALLY good ice cream place)
This was in the taqueria, cool shadow from those classic neon "open" signs.
Another neon sign that made a cool reflection on the glass. I thought it was pretty.
These coat hangers and denim looked SO pretty in the lighting. This was at this cute thrift shop that keeps a bunch of clothes outside.
Someone had these on the back of there car. Amazing! I loved them and I thought this picture looked pretty cool.

<3 Maya


  1. Maya, I love your new blog!!! Great photos. I especially like the night self-portrait with the bus. Your eye looks for pattern and light which, in photography is everything! Bravo!

  2. thank you so much! that really means a lot!

    <3 Maya