Friday, January 7, 2011

CT 5 Outfit Drawing and Photo (1/5/11)

UGH! I already wrote this post and then accidentally deleted it and I don't know how to get it back, so here  I go again:  Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been super busy. ( I knew hoomework and procrastination would lead me to only post on weekends at night) Hey, At least I'm posting.
This is a late post for the fifth.
A Capella notes

I thought this outfit was really cute, and the drawing was pretty decent (sorry it's on my music notes...key signatures can be pretty boring) That dress is SO adorable. It is such a cute fit and amazing pattern. The necklace and boots were the same from the day before, but I had another accessory, the lace headband that is sort of one of my signature things, don't be surprised if you see it again. I was also wearing these SUPER cool earrings that I did not draw for some reason.

Go Unicorns!
The thing I love about this dress is the pattern. I mean, unicorns bunnies and cats? How could I not buy it? I bought it at a really cool thrift store. Well, admittedly, my friend saw it first but I was SO glad when she didn't want to buy it!

I also walked up the street to help my mom pick out a birthday present for my dad and in one of the stores they had a really cool mirror where I took this picture. It was taken at the edge of the mirror so my eye doubled in a cool way.

I know this picture is not top notch, but I felt bad only putting the outfit sketch.

Anyway. I'll post more tomorrow, sorry the first version of this got deleted, I think it may have been a little better. <3xoxoxoxoxoxo Maya

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