Friday, January 7, 2011

CT 7 Outfit Drawing (1/7/11)

Hey again guys. Does anyone else have a pet peeve of dry hands? I hate the feeling of dry hands, and my hands are so dry right now and (MAKE A WISH 11:11!) I want to go put lotion on them, but I just have to finish this post and then go. Okay. Last post and I am caught up.

Sorry it's on my music paper again. (just a little bored)
This drawing makes my ankles look really weird, so I don't know what that was, sorry. I love the shirt I was wearing today, it has the most amazing monkey on it. I was wearing a lion hat, which is also amazing and very warm on a freezing cold day (in CALIFORNIA???) If it had rained it could have snowed. I was freezing in my jeans, but probably would have been colder in the sweater tights I've been wearing all week. I was also wearing a blue blazer (soft inside) so
I, in theory, wouldn't be too cold. I was still freezing. I'm a Californian! I'm not used to this kind of cold!

Anyway. I thought the drawing was pretty good, but it did not do justice to the amazing-ness of my hat and the monkey on my shirt.

People tell me I look like a lion so this hat was an amazing Xmas gift, and the monkey shirt with the overalls just sort of captures my personality- a fashion forward weirdo with huge feet.

Amazing monkey

Amazing Lion hat

Anyway! See you soon! Hopefully I'll make an amazing collage or painting or something tomorrow. <3 xo Maya

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