Sunday, January 23, 2011

CT 21 Pretty Water Videos (1/22/11)

My dad and I were washing the car and since it was sunny outside it made these shadows on the dashboard  that were so pretty! We put a huge white pad of paper on the dashboard and took these videos.  (If you can't see it for some reason, heres the link:

Then we took a bunch of pictures as well.  I'm not sure which ones I took and which ones I was making the pattern for, but these are my favorites. Sorry there are so many, it was just so pretty!

 It looks like sand, like little indents or something, so pretty.
 It's like a stalagmite or something. (Which one comes from the top? I always forget!)

Look at the ripples! So pretty.
 More similar pictures
 I think it looks so pretty!

Cool melting look.
 I love this up close shot of the ripples. So pretty!
 I know I'm repetitive, but look how pretty that is!
 I think this is the only picture of me.
 Look at the shadow, so cool looking!

See the handprint below?

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