Friday, January 7, 2011

CT 6 Outfit Drawing and Photos (1/6/11-my dads bday!)

Hey again! Here is the post for the sixth. Sorry about it being so late. I thought this procrastination and excessive amounts of homework would keep me from blogging. :P

I (of course) drew my outfit on the 6th. This seems to be becoming a daily thing. I especially liked this outfit because I made the skirt. Everything I was wearing was either found thrifting (shopping at thrift stores) (second hand stores are thrift stores if you didn't know) or home-made and I was proud of that.

oh by the way I was also wearing sweater tights, I wasn't just freezing my butt off. It says it on the side, but you can't really read it. 

Interesting colors too! Love the marroon-y purple
The really cool thing about this was the fact that the fabric was from Africa. I myself did not go to Africa, but my dad's friend went and brought back this beautiful fabric (this was a very long time ago) and when I was little my mom made me a dress out of it, so recently I decided to use the remaining fabric to make a skirt. 

I was in my room and the lighting was super cool. I guess the sun was about to go down, and it looked amazing on my pig flashlight. 

Mostly the reason it looked so cool was because I always have the shades down so the light was just sneaking through the crack between the curtain thing and the edge of the window.

It also made a really cool pattern on my wall. (The things on my wall are just postcards that I thought had really cool)

Ah yes, Maya and her flowers. Yes. I love taking pictures of flowers. 

I liked this one because of the blurry flowers in the background and the clear ones in the foreground. 

I think the one below is really great because you can see the spider web on it, which I really liked. (that's why I enlarged it)  I also (of course) liked the blurry yellow of all the flowers in the background. 

I'll blog again soon :)
xoxo. <3 Maya 

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