Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolution (1/1/11)

This year as a New Years Resolution,I have decided to do one creative thing per day. I am hoping to blog every day, but it will probably end up being every week, (on the weekends) because of homework and just the internet's many distractions. When I say a "Creative Thing a Day" I mean anything from a small doodle to making a dress.

Although today is January second, this post is for the first.

The first thing I've done is make a collage/painting thing.
The story behind it is that I go to this store called East Bay Recycle and Reuse. It's basically a junk store where people donate things like empty glass bottles, journals binders, art supplies, stamps, maps and LOTS of pictures, I personally love the pictures and maps the best, because maps really interest me and the pictures are sort of like seeing a portion of someones life. There are pictures of people on vacation, and some that seem to have been captured at a moment that seems sweet and genuinely happy and for some reason was thrown away, there are pictures of plants or landscapes, also, for some reason, there seems to be a LOT of cat pictures. Anyway, It's really interesting to look through all these photos and in my collage/painting, the pictures in it are from the Recycle Reuse store.

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