Friday, January 21, 2011

CT 15 More Pictures (1/16/11)

Yea, more pictures...I was originally going to do picture a day, so most of these being pictures is good, maybe boring. Maybe this weekend I'll sew something. (Although I do have to study for my finals, so don't expect anything awesome)
Pretty tree in front of a pretty house. We were on the way up to Pasta Pomodoro, and I just brought my camera.
I thought this one leaf in the sliver of light looked really pretty.
I love fall (it's winter, but in California, it's pretty much the same thing) The red leaves on the trees look so pretty.
The colors of the bright blue sky and the orange of the building looks so awesome. And the moon and the tree look super awesome.

By the end of dinner, the moon was higher in the sky and the picture looks almost black and white.  I thought it looked pretty.

The picture below has the light behind the spider web. I think it looks beautiful. It's sort of hard to tell what it is at first, but once you know what it is it's really interesting I think.

Anyway, more soon!

<3 Maya

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