Sunday, January 9, 2011

CT 8 PIctures in the City (1/8/11)

I went to San Francisco yesterday and took a bunch of photos with my friend.

Very foggy and cold day in San Francisco. I had to wear my lion hat and many many layers. 

These photos are actually in backwards order, the ones taken in the beginning of the day are at the bottom and the ones at night are at the top. No particular reasoning to that. 
This first one is interesting.  The buses didn't move when I took this long exposure shot so they are behind the streaks of light of all the moving cars which I think looks pretty cool. The green light also made this cool green shine on the bus's windows. 
I took this one with a tripod and moved the tripod along with someone walking so I got this cool shadow in between the streaks of the light. 

I really love the ability on an SLR camera to use manual focus. I think the lights of all the cars look so cool purposely blurred out. 

This was taken at the Pier 23 Cafe. I loved the lights they had around their sign. 

This is definitely my favorite of the day. I love how you can see underneath the neon and how the wires are in front and behind the sign. Pier 23 was a really fun place to take pictures. 

I think this is a pretty cool one. Simple, but interesting. I love bridges, they just seem so interesting and beautiful. This is the bay bridge, always worthy of a couple photos. 
This is another cool shot. Against the grey concrete and grey lighting of the foggy day, the yellow and oranges of this photo stood out beautifully. 

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