Monday, January 3, 2011

Photos CTAD 3 (1/3/11)

Today I wanted to take pictures, I was just in the picture taking mood. I went to my friend's house, because she also loves taking pictures so I thought we could take pictures together. Unfortunately, none of our parents were available to drive us anywhere so we just walked around the block, which actually proved to be pretty fun. I couldn't decide which picture to choose out of all of them, so I'm just putting a bunch up.  The first one rather reminded me of Anthropology catalogs. The leaves make this really cool stain thing on the sidewalk when they fall after it rains, which is what the brown stuff behind the leaves is.  At first I got my shoes in on accident, but then I took this one because I thought it actually looked kind of cool.

I think the blurry background brings out
 the windmill thing in a cool wa

My friend has this really cool windmill thing in her backyard and I thought it looked good with the blurry flowers behind it.

I love their color too!

I really liked this photo (on the right) because of all the layers of blurry-ness.

Alright! Until I have time to blog again! (This weekend at the latest)
See you soon! xo Maya

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