Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CT 100 Crystal Clear (4/25/11)

I am to my 100th creative thing!!

I am really glad I started this blog because it has helped motivate me to ACTUALLY DO THINGS. I've always flopped on my New Years Resolution because I had only  my self-motivation to keep it going, which, in all honesty, is not that strong. It also introduced me to fashion bloggers and fashion blogging myself, which is really cool because I don't know anyone who dresses that crazily and being shown all these people who take risks in fashion has inspired me to take some risks of my own. So if any of the fashion bloggers I follow are reading this now (Tonya, probably) thank you!

I am grateful to my followers and anyone else who looks at my blog.
I am making a new thing on my blog where every 100 posts I tell you a goal I have for my blog. Realizing that I can be annoying and not post for two weeks and then just post a million things in a row, my first goal is to not to do that anymore. (This group today and this week will be the last, I hope)
I am proud of the blog this has become and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it
Anyway, on to the real post so I can get caught up; only seven more until I'm done!

 There was beautiful lighting outside when I took pictures.
I love the high contrast of the leaves and the branches here.
I love these new glasses I got at the Depot. They were those kind that are just magnifying glasses inside, which I immediately popped out as to not get a major headache while wearing them.
I also painted my nails-which I hardly ever do-this pretty light blue color and I wanted to show both of those things here.

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