Monday, May 30, 2011

CT 130 Sunrise, Sunset (5/26/11)

Thank you to my dad for taking these photos <3
Dress: Nordstrom/Sweater Tights:Goodwill/Boots:Thrift Town/Belt: Granny's Attic/Purse: from Grandma/Bow: from room
Hey guys, I bought this outfit during one of my shopping spree's with my aunt.
It is possibly one of my favorite dresses and it also went perfectly with my new purse. I was reading the Moptop's blog and there was a giveaway for this purse. I thought it was really cute, but I couldn't enter, my mom saw me on the website and said "oh grandma had that purse at one point" and she asked her and she did and gave it to me.
Don't you love when things like this work out so perfectly? :)

Oh yeah! I also got an account on "LOOKBOOK" which is the fashion-conciousness website where people post their looks and you can "hype" them and "fan" people you like. It's really fun and I spend HOURS on it.
In order to "hype" and "fan" you need an account, but it's really easy to make one- you just give your email (I would recommend your junk one since it does email you from time to time) and a password and voila! You're done. I would love if you guys would check out my account- you can actually see some things that will be in upcoming posts since I usually have the time to post them on Lookbook before I have the time to make a real post here. 
Anyway, check it out by clicking here. or clicking on the "Lookbook" button or the "hype" button above.

The weather was really weird today- the clouds were yellow-y and the light was golden right before I took these photos, but it went away by the time I was ready to take the photos. My parents said it looked almost like tornado weather, which was scary, but I guess it wasn't because we didn't have a Tornado.
happy friday-
<3 <3 maya

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