Monday, May 2, 2011

CT 99 Easter Pastels (4/24/11)

Sweater: Granny's Attic/Belt: Granny's Attic/Skirt:Homemade/Socks:Vintage from my Aunt/Shoes: Granny's Attic/ Flower thing around thigh: Scarf I found in my room/Headband:strip of fabric
 Happy Easter everyone! I haven't worn this sweater in a while, but I love that pastel green-y-blue color.
I didn't mean to, but my little tie-die thing that I made in third grade was totally matching my outfit! That is always up on my door, but I usually take it down when I take photos in my room, but it went so well with my outfit I left it up.
 Here are some flowers at the dog park. It was so pretty out, but a little chilly in my skirt.
 We went to my grandparents for dinner and my aunt brought her three dogs. Here's a cute one of her standard poodle.
 The light was really pretty so I took some pictures of my hair.
I love how you can tell what the weather was like just in the lighting! It was a little chilly and you can see the chillness in the crispness of the light. The pictures just don't look as warm as they do when it is warm out. The lighting was gorgeous though.

 For these pictures I put the camera on long exposure- not too long, maybe a second if that long- and zoomed out. You can see how the car looks like it's moving forward.

Oh, and if you're reading this Lina, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (well, when I did this stuff, it was your birthday...)

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