Thursday, May 19, 2011

CT 122 Rain, rain, go away, come again another day... (5/17/11)

It was raining today!
Don't get me wrong, after all these posts of loving warmth and hating cold you must think I HATE winter, I don't- really. I just miss summer and warm weather and I'm READY FOR IT TO BE SPRING. I don't want it to be summer, so although I actually LOVE the rain most days. I am a little sick of it.
Anyway, these photos were photoshopped to make the color look like this. I wanted to do something kind of similar to this and I am happy with the results. :)

Top: Platoe's Closet/Skirt: Crossroads/Belt: Thrift Town/Headband: H&M/Earrings: f21/Sweater Tights: f21/Boots: Wanted/Cardigan:Target/Umbrella: in closet.
Have a great week! :)
Thanks to my dad for taking these photos <3

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