Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CT 120 (part two) (5/15/11)

Here is the continuation of my other "CT 120" post. For those of you who didn't see the other post, my friend and I went to Tilden farm and Tilden park and walked around and had a mini photo-shoot thing. I love doing these photo-shoots, because not only is it fun, but when I do it with a good photographer like my friend Madeline, I get a bunch of good pictures of myself out of it :) and all of the girls here know (including myself), that although for some reason some people consider it narcissism, every one of us love a good picture of ourselves.  
Anyway, here are the photos: 
Tie Thing:scrap of fabric/Shirt:Goodwill/Skirt:Thrifted (Brand: F21)/Belt:Granny's Attic (Thrift Store)/Shoes:Thrifted F21 flats
 That is a cow's ear behind me :)

This one is in front of a barn thing.
Hope you all are having a great Tuesday (is that possible? It always seems like Tuesdays are the worst- except watching Raising Hope...), I will try to catch up on the posts this week. Sorry I got behind, I was in Yosemite over the weekend (pictures will come soon) so I didn't get a chance to post, and I was trying to get a picture for the last post, but I never did and when I got these pictures from Madeline I figured it was time to post again. Anyway, <3 <3
Thanks to Madeline for taking these photos <3

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