Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CT 102 Grandma Sweater and Grandpa Glasses (4/27/11)

I am really wearing old people things today. I mean, "grandma sweater and grandpa glasses" was an appropriate title. 
My friend actually came up to me in my other friend, who was wearing a plad flannel tied in a knot at the waist, and said [to her]: "you look like a hot woodcutter and-" [to me] "you look like a chic grandma" 
I guess I will take that as a compliment.
 You may recognize this tank top as the one I made and showed in a previous post
Headband:Bandana from my room/Grandma sweater:Goodwill/Shirt:Homemade/Shorts: SUSPENDER PANTS FINALLY SHOWN from Goodwill/Flats:Platoe's Closet (brand: f21)
You can't really tell in this picture, but I am FINALLY WEARING the suspender pants from the Goodwill Outlet that I promised I would show you. I am not wearing them if the most convenient way for you to see, but I wore them again more recently, so expect a post with them with the suspenders and a shirt tucked in soon.
It was SUCH a nice day today, something in the 70's! YAY! I love spring weather! I'm so happy I can wear shorts and skirts and not be cold. :)
Glasses: the Depot/Earrings:Sweet Dreams

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