Sunday, May 8, 2011

CT 112 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (5/7/11)

These pictures were taken after going to Santa Cruz; after the boardwalk, after slight sunburns, after burying myself in sand, after riding all the rides, after swimming in freezing cold water, laying in the warm sand and then jumping back in again. This is after the hours of walking around, after the salt and sand became encrusted in my skin and scalp, after carmel apples, giant donuts, and a billion french fries, after laying on the beach for hours, after the roller coasters and the drop tower, after the car ride home. It is after an entire day of this, so please forgive me if I look a bit tired.

Here are a few pictures of the trip
Ferris Wheel
 These were all taken with my crappy camera because I didn't want to ruin or lose my good one, sorry about the not-so-great quality.

I don't know why, I can go on the drop tower and the roller coasters no problem, but Ferris Wheels still kind of freak me out. My friend also enjoys leaning forward when they stop us at the top to freak me out, which makes it not so fun for me.
Drop Tower

It was so exhausting, but SO much fun.

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