Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CT 126 Yosemite (part one) (5/21/11)

We went to this meadow thing and walked across it today, it was so beautiful, words cannot begin to encompass the luscious green grass and gorgeous lighting, so here are some pictures :)

Overalls: Granny's Attic/Shirt:F21/Shoes:Toms

This bridge thing led to a rock beach thing where my family and I spent a few hours making rock towers.  It was SO much fun, I didn't want to leave! It took a lot of concentration and you had to really FEEL when things were balancing correctly, it was really fun and relaxing.

This one is made by my younger brother and is DEFINITELY my favorite one, Look at how awesomely it defies gravity! I love how impossible it looks :)
I made this one :)
This is my creative thing for the day: making rock towers. YES.